ignore this tumblr please.

wey jing kalo ngeask atau ngehate di askfm aja jing di sini buat apa dumbass, i will not replied your ask mau kayak gimana, this tumblr just for save a cool pic “sampah lo pake bikin tumblr” “borju lo” “famous gara2 temenan sama ini itu” “cuman gara ortu gini gitu” IDGAF! di askfm gua udh bilang berjuta kali , i dont fucking care with that all its my life jing dan gua ga borju dan gua ga famous dan gua ga apa yang lo pikir, and this is my askfm link ask.fm/andhikak just ask me in that way not here, please jing thanks dan this tumblr account udah dari gua junior hs ya so i’m not a newbie lyk you all.

Anonymous asked:
why u so shelfish and why u proud of that negative act. ithink u have to rehaps. thanks


Anonymous asked:
u'r avatar so cool?


Anonymous asked:
indo bro?


Anonymous asked:
when the world is near to the war what will you do?



path, twitter, vine, keek, kik, and so-on was tottaly bored to use, ofc cause a bunch of people officialy had an smartphone, so im desprately used an tumblr again, just for reblog something or share something. or just saved a cool pictures.


Cashmere Cat - Party Girls ft Ludacris, Jeremih & Wiz Khalifa (Jeftuz Remix)

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it’s tottaly describe who fill my boredness when doing my project in laptop.