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spend my spring break with a trip to singapore if you wanna check my vlog just check out my youtube.

Are we destined to d e s t r o y each other, or can we change who we are, and u n i t e

watched x-men and tottaly blessed marvel than dc firstly my physically brain just addicted with dc but after xmen throu my eye its tottaly changed my addictive haha

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So i just cant wait for teen wolf s4 and im a lot sad cause the prettiest gurl in teen wolf was died, and she’s died in the desprately & confused feeling do you all remember when she’s tell her feeeling about scott and her sad stuff to stiles dad at lift, and the next episode she’s died :(

ask me on here not in this page.

do not ask me on here, cause i never answered you all for sure.

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all i shame to uploaded something here, but its kind of perfect education for your life, so all this serial tv had a big points of life.
first, Teen Wolf
their teach us to love all someone who loved you back and love your enemy than the enemy can loved you back and do not follow your instinc and crazy power and perfection that you want to reach it.

second, cougar town
Relationship and biological relation was made by love and happiness

third, crazy ones
team work and follow your lead are the most important thing if you want to get succesfull.

thats it bye😸😼

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why u so shelfish and why u proud of that negative act. ithink u have to rehaps. thanks


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u'r avatar so cool?